Kunzmann, Christine, Roser, Traugott, Schmidt, Andreas, Stiehl, Tanja
SpirOnto: Semantically Enhanced Patient Records for Reflective Learning on Spiritual Care in Palliative Care
In: 3rd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning, co-located with ECTEL 2013, 2013

Stiehl, Tanja, Führer, Monika, Borasio, Gian Domenico, Kunzmann, Christine, Schmidt, Andreas,  Roser, Traugott:
What Does “Spiritual Care” Stand for in Pediatric Palliative Care? A Well-grounded Approach: The Web-based Ontology of Spirituality
In: 13th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)
Prague, Czech Republic, 30 May – 2 June 2013

Stiehl, Tanja, Führer, Monika, Schmidt, Andreas, Kunzmann, Christine, Borasio, Gian Domenico, Roser, Traugott:
„Ich will kein Engel sein, ich will Rennfahrer werden…“ – Angemessener Umgang mit Spiritualität in der Kinderpalliativmedizin: Eine Ontologie der Spiritualität
Zeitschrift für Palliativmedizin, vol. 2012, no. 5, 2012, pp. FV18

Stiehl, Tanja, Führer, Monika, Roser, Traugott, Kunzmann, Christine, Schmidt, Andreas
Describing spiritual care within pediatric palliative care. An ontology-based method for qualitative research
In: 12th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care 2011, Portugal, 2011

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